Three Reasons Why We Get Sick

Do you every wonder why we get sick? Many of us have experienced pain, illness, or disease without really knowing its cause. This is why it is paramount for us to understand the causes so that we can properly treat the problem to prevent relapse from developing.

Illness and disease cannot invade the body when it is in a natural balanced state, and the immune system is strong. When body PH is acidic and your immune system weak, your body is more susceptible to illness or disease. There are times when God permits sickness and disease to come our way, but many times it is a result of the bad choices we make. In order to overcome illness and prevent future illness, one must know the cause on why we get sick.

Here are some reasons why we get sick:

Poor stewardship of your physical body

God has given us an amazing body equipped with an immune system in order to protect us from sickness or disease. While our bodies are built to live many years, when it is abused the risk of illness increases.

We get sick if we choose to eat unhealthy food, drink little water, get insufficient rest, and skip moderate exercise. In addition, if we choose to ignore the laws of good personal hygiene, and not deal with our daily stress in an adequate fashion, we largely increase the possibility of opening ourselves up to illness.

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It is also true that a well-balanced diet is essential to good health. Some of us attempt to maintain a healthy diet, but do not realize that much of our food intake has hurtful chemicals and toxins.

The average person’s diet is deficient in nutrients that are crucial to the immune system, making them vulnerable to nagging illness and fatigue. God has provided good foods, herbs, minerals, vitamins, and water to help our bodies function both properly and efficiently.

Sin is another reason why we get sick

From the earliest of times, God has permitted illness through sickness and pain in order to direct our attention to the fact that something may be amiss with our life. God has used pain and emotions (like bitterness, anxiety, depression, or anger), as warning signals that something may be wrong which may need addressing. If left unattended to, further health problems may result. God sometimes uses physical infirmity as an instrument to punish sin and to chasten His children (2 Kings 15:5) Many sins (like gluttony, adultery, selfishness, pride) effects both our physical and spiritual health. Sin causes no health in my bones (Ps. 38:3), and causes my body to waste away and drains my energy. (Ps. 32:3-4)

In other cases, the sin may not have been as evident outwardly.It could be a heart-hidden sin which leads to the question why we get sick.1 Corinthians 11 describes a group of people who were sickly because they failed to examine themselves at the time of the Lord's Supper. Numbers 12 tells about Miriam (the sister of Moses) who was stricken with leprosy because she was jealous of Moses' success.

The third reason why we get sick:
God may allow Christians to get sick to it strengthen their faith and bring Him Glory.
From the life-experience of Job (in Old Testament times), we learn that Satan is sometimes permitted to attack the children of God. Job's painful experience is not an allegory, but rather, an actual example of the kind of affliction that may come to those who love the Lord.

God removed the protecting hedge around Job, and allowed Satan to rob Job of his property, his family, and his health. Job endured almost unbelievable suffering, and his question about why all this was happening to him, was never really answered. God said, in essence, "You just trust me, and rest upon the assurance that I am in full control." You see-- when we trust the Lord--we we will not allow ourselves to push the panic-button as soon as illness comes our way. We know that our Lord is everlastingly in control of our life, and as a result, we will not allow ourselves to become devastated when illness comes our way, or an accident or trauma occurs, or the inevitable -- death approaches.

God is not a dark, cruel, vicious Being who delights in afflicting people for His own pleasure. He has a plan for our welfare and often He chooses to keep us from straying into paths that are dangerous, and so He will sometimes allow sickness to enter our lives in order to warn us against potential problems. In many cases, He will use it as an instrument in order to help us grow stronger.

Instead of asking why we get sick, maybe a better question would be, how do I respond when I do feel under the weather? Do I eliminate the harmful activities which may be the root of the problem or do I continue to engage in areas that I know are not in the best interest of my physical or spiritual health? At times, it is just a matter of putting your trust in a loving and sovereign God while seeking to glorify Him in the midst of personal or family illnesses.

Many want to place the blame on germs, other people, our environment or some even God. Instead of blaming or complaining, we must take responsibility ourselves and do everything possible in order to maintain a strong immune system and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

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