Smoothie Recipe Ingredients To Boost Your Immune System

A Healthy Smoothie Recipe Is Determined By The Ingredients Your Add. You Can Enjoy A Healthy Smoothie And Boost Immune System Fast.

A smoothie recipe usually consist of ingredients like fresh fruits, fruit juices, crushed ice, and some other foods and/or other nutritional supplements mixes that provide extra protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and flavor. Smoothies appeal to a wide range of age groups because of their balanced sweetness, fresh fruit flavor, and nutritional value. It’s important to remember that adding ingredients can give your smoothie that extra punch for energy or nutritional value.

Amazing Smoothie Recipes

A smoothie recipe can have a variety of ingredients depending on you interests. Some design their smoothies to supplement their meals lacking in nutrition, getting adequate servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Some are interested in losing or maintaining weight, while others desire ingredients to help improve the immune system.

How To Make A Smoothie

What are some possible ingredients to be used in a Smoothie Recipe to Boost the Immune System?

Fruits contain vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional ingredients that nourish the body, providing support for your immune system. Some favorite fruits are blueberries , strawberries, bananas , and peaches.

Wheat grass
Wheat grass is an energizer. The vitality obtained from wheat grass juice is remarkable. One ounce of wheat grass juice has the nutritional value of over 20 oz. of garden vegetables and may be sufficient for your daily maintenance and supply of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. The nutrients in wheat grass juice are easily digested and enter the bloodstream quickly.

Aloe Vera Juice
Clinical studies have shown that Aloe Vera juice may have curative properties in the treatment of stomach ulcers and other digestive conditions. It is also often used to produce a mild laxative effect. Aloe Vera Juice is also an effective antioxidant that contains various essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which help in strengthening the immune system.

Echinacea has been popularly attributed with the ability to boost the body’s immune system. Despite the recent advent of antibiotics, Echinacea remains a popular herb for treating various illnesses like colds, flu, infections, and skin conditions.

Green Tea
The green tea is a very powerful antioxidant, and the benefit of green tea is known to help the immune system fight viral and bacterial infections.

Bee Pollen
A fine, powder-like material produced by the anthers of flowering plants that is gathered by the bee. Bee pollen contains the B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, amino acids enzymes, carotene calcium, copper, iron magnesium, and potassium. Although well known for its ability to fight fatigue and increase endurance.

This Chinese herb, often used to combat fatigue and lack of energy, is a great addition to any smoothie to give it a boost. Ginseng contains a caffeine-like chemical that has been shown to enter the bloodstream rapidly. This may result in physiological effects such as a sense of increased energy and mental alertness and has been found to have a positive effect on athletic performance, reaction time and visual/motor coordination.

Protein Powders:
Soy (plant-based) protein, and/or Whey protein (animal based) contain high amounts of protein, minerals, and essential amino acids that help build the body. It is a great supplement to any healthy smoothie recipe.

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From the heart of the wheat kernel, wheat germ is packed with nutrients. In addition to the fact that it’s rich in vitamin B and E and selenium, wheat germ is high in protein and iron – two nutrients our bodies need for energy.

Oat Bran:
Nutritionally, oats are similar to whole wheat, and the main difference being that the oat kernel has not been taken apart, and the wheat kernel has. Oats, too, are high in protein and fiber, and are a good source of zinc, vitamins and iron. The fiber in oat bran is the soluble kind, which has been found to lower cholesterol.

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