The KYK Genesis water ionizer sits proudly amongst the best water ionizers on the market. It is produced by the KYK Co., the number 1 ionizer selling company in Korea, and a leading innovator on water ionizer technology. Through the efforts of companies such as Water for Life USA, this beneficial technology is now available to people living in the United States and Canada. In this article we are going to help you learn about the many features of the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer, and find out exactly what makes it a top of the line machine.

Why It’s One Of The Best

While all water ionizers are capable of producing alkaline and acidic water, not all machines can produce the same level of quality. It has proven itself to be quite competitive when compared to the other top machines, such as the Tyent MMP-7070 and the Jupiter Orion / Aquarius. KYK certainly didn’t cut any corners when it comes to the number of plates, the quality of their dual filtering technology, the green-friendly power supply, and more. And not only that,if you compare the Genesis with some of the brands which will completely rip you off, such as Kangen (Enagic), it is over $1800 cheaper! The KYK Genesis water ionizer is clearly among the best in performance and economy, and that is why it’s one of the few ionizers that receives our full endorsement.

KYK Genesis 30000 Water Ionizer Top Features

* Dual carbon filtration provides exceptional filtering for fluoride and heavy metals.
* Over 75 different pH and ORP settings
* SMPS power supply (switched mode power supply), which provides it with an extremely long life as well as low power consumption.
* Programmable to 11.0+pH, the highest pH available from a water ionizer!
* Automatic cleaning system which initiates after every use.
* An automatic draining system which will enhance cleaning and lifespan.
* A sleek easy to use interface, so simple even a child could understand.
* Real time water flow data, which continually monitors and displays the exact flow rate and ensures accurate pH and ORP.

These are just a few of the important features which the KYK Genesis ionizer boasts. To Learn more about the KYK Genesis 25000 water ionizer, Click Here.

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