Poor Man Journey to Great Health

My name is Steve Bollweg, and in the next few weeks (through the Poor Man Journey to Great Health Ecourse), I would like to show you how you protect and improve your most valuable asset, your health with no money. With the rising cost of health care and the uncertainty on how to effectively treat and prevent illnesses, it is a challenge to obtain great health today. My goal is to instruct and motivate you to take charge of your own health and then share these effective health principles with those you love.

Since our Creator has given us all the power of health and healing within our own bodies, you can enjoy great lasting health by practicing proper lifestyle habits for good health supplied by God. The strategies and principles shared will provide phenomenal health results quickly and all without spending any money!

You can invest in your future health and be a good steward of the body God gave you, but do not have to join a health club, buy vitamins, minerals, organic foods or spend lots of money to achieve great lasting health. The strategies will enhance your energy, boost immune system function, and will prevent and actually reverse many chronic disorders.

The problem is, almost no one knows about them. These strategies and solutions are right in front of us, but they are not promoted because they make money for no one. In the following ecourse, I have put together some examples of ways you can achieve great health that are either free of charge or relatively low-cost.

Here is a sample of the things you will learn;
again without you spending any money.

Suggestions on How You Can Take Charge of Your Health

Major Factors Causing You To Get Sick

How To Get Rid of Dangerous Toxins in Your Body Quickly and Naturally

Effective Ways To Boost Your Immune System

How to Have Continuous and Lasting Energy Without Relying on Stimulates Like Caffeine

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off Without Starving Yourself

How To Produce This Essential Vitamin Within Your Body For Free

Principles On How To Avoid All Sicknesses or Diseases Without Drugs

Activities That Greatly Enhance Your Health and They Cost Only Your Time To Do Them.

Worlds Greatest Substance You Can Put Into Your Body and It Would Not Cost You A Dime.

Truths Given By Our Creator That Promises and Guarantees Great Results 100% Of The Time

Principles Essential to Optimal Health.

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Poor Man Journey to Great Health
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