What is happening when I catch a cold or get the flu?

Before understanding any cold and flu remedy, it is helpful to know what is happening when you catch a cold or the flu. The cold and flu virus is around us all the time. Most of the time when you are around people who have a cold or flu, you don’t catch it. Why is that? Because during those times your immune system is functioning properly. When you actually “catch a cold” or get the flu, your immune system is weak, leading to a better possibility of the cold or flu virus getting a foothold in your body.

Most people think if you are near someone who has a cold or flu, you are automatically going to get sick. Others may believe that the object of treating a cold is to suppress the sneezing and coughing. To do this, they pay a lot of money for medicines that aren’t really helping their condition. The symptoms you feel are not the virus. The sneezing, aching and coughing are signs that your immune system is fighting the virus. If these symptoms are helping your body rid the virus, why then would someone want to fully suppress them?

Prevention is the ideal goal when looking for a cold and flu remedy. Since there is no cure to the common cold or the flu, our bodies must run its course to fight against the viruses. Maintaining a strong immune system is a proactive approach in warding off colds and flu .

You can have a strong immune system by first avoiding the substances and activities that weaken your immune system. The replace those things with the stuff that strengthen your immune system .

For those looking for a quick solution to restore their health, Consuming quality supplements may be the boost you need. Go to Immune System Supplements

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