Natural Cold and Flu Remedies:

Prevention is the ideal goal when looking for a cold and flu remedies. Since there is no cure to the common cold or the flu, our bodies must run its course to fight against the viruses. Boosting your immune system is a proactive approach in warding off colds and flu. The following remedies will assist in building your immune system up.

Cold and Flu Remedies That Cost Nothing

Wash Your Hands
The best way to break the chain of infection is to keep practicing good personal hygiene care, wash your hands! Most cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. Someone who has the flu sneezes onto their hand, and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, or door knob. The germs can live for hours -- in some cases weeks -- only to be picked up by the next person who touches the same object. So wash your hands often. If no sink is available, rub an alcohol-based hand sanitizer onto your hands.

Relax and get plenty of rest.
Your body is trying to attack the virus, Give in, and give your body a chance to fight off the infection. During deep sleep , our body release potent immune-enhancing substances that strengthen your immune system function. By not allowing our body sufficient rest, the immune system will sputter, and as a result, not function at full capacity. We then are more likely to become ill with common illnesses. A healthy, deep sleep allows our body to release a significant amount of growth hormone that boost the immune system and aids in the growth and repair of the body.

Eliminate all sugar and allergens from your diet.
Just a small amount of sugar has been proven to impair white blood cells up to 50% for very short periods of time. By discovering what our personal food allergies are, then eliminating or desensitizing them will help strengthen your immune system. By removing these triggers, our immune cells are strengthened in order to combat other invaders such as influenza rather than the allergen. The elimination of sugar from your diet can also strengthen immune system.

Cut Alcohol Consumption
Heavy alcohol use destroys the liver, the body's primary filtering system, which means that germs of all kinds won't leave your body as fast. The result is, heavier drinkers are more prone to initial infections as well as secondary complications. Alcohol also dehydrates the body -- it actually takes more fluids from your system than it puts in.

Don't Smoke
Statistics show that heavy smokers get more severe colds and more frequent ones.Even being around smoke profoundly zaps the immune system. Smoke dries out your nasal passages and paralyzes cilia. These are the delicate hairs that line the mucous membranes in your nose and lungs, and with their wavy movements, sweep cold and flu viruses out of the nasal passages. Experts contend that one cigarette can paralyze cilia for as long as 30 to 40 minutes.

Other Cold and Flu Remedies

Get a regular Body cleansing
Body cleanse is essential because our bodies need to properly eliminate the toxic build up that has formed in our intestines (colon), which may lead to sickness and disease. Our body organs and tissues must be free of toxins for the immune system to function optimally thus enabling our bodies to receive the essential nutrients our bodies need.

Drink Plenty of Ionized Alkaline Water.
Water is essential for all living things and keeps our immune system operating optimally while improving the way we feel, look and live. Without sufficient amounts of water, you may experience routine fatigue, dry skin, headaches, constipation, and a decrease normal bodily function which may lead to your body unable to fight off diseases. Without water we would literally dehydrate which could result in the shutting down of vital organs and ultimately end in death.

Boost Immune System
Maintaining a super powerful immune system is the best remedy in preventing you in getting the nasty symptoms of a cold or the flu. Since there is no cure to the common cold or the flu, our bodies must run its course to fight against the viruses. By boosting your immune system , you can decrease the longevity and harshness of the symptoms.

Best Cold and Flu Remedies

Take supplements
Supplements are needed because our bodies can not produce the nutrients necessary to maintain optimum health. There are many nutrients needed in order to maintain a strong immune system. It is very challenging in the world we live in to obtain sufficient nutrition with the foods available to us. They are over processed and void of many essential nutrients. Additionally, food is grown in soils that have been over-planted and saturated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Vitamin and mineral deficiency subjects us to more diseases, aging, sickness, and the weakening of our immune system.


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