What Are The Characteristics Of The BEST Protein Supplement?

In short, The BEST protein supplement MUST have:

• great amino acid profile

• additional enzymes, make sure they are active

• great bioavailability, (hydrolized or partially digested)

• ease of digestibility ( to minimize your body’s energy expenditure and to decrease the time it takes for the amino acids contained in the protein to be absorbed into your bloodstream and then delivered to your muscle cells and other tissues that require them. )

• additional minerals and vitamins (especially potasium and calcium)

• not allergenic, 88% of the white population(47 (from blood type O);41 (from Blood Type A)) – is discouraged to consume neither whey or casien

• low fat and low carb, (if it has carbs, make sure it has fructose, not glucose)

• pleasant taste, does it taste good?

• a reasonable price, (avoid the newest thing on the market – hype = lies)

• good mix-ability

• high protein per scoop (80% or over protein concentration)

• derived form high quality proteins

• easy to procure

• no preservatives

• no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and no fillers.

Egg Whites International

Is egg whites the best protein source?

Here is what is typically in egg whites.

• a balanced amino acid profile — egg whites show the ultimate amino acid profile, it is perfectly suited for human consumption and ALL other protein sources are contrasted to the amino acid profile of eggs;

• ease of digestibility — cooked egg whites are very easily digested

• bioavailability (the amount of protein that is absorbed – about 94% check of the amino acids in cooked egg whites are absorbed)

• no fat (egg whites have almost 0 grams of fat per 100 grams of raw egg whites)

• very low carbs (eggs have 1 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of raw egg whites)

• not allergenic (egg whites are completely safe for almost 100% of the population)

• no phytohormones (soy for example contains estrogen mimicking hormones – some studies point to the idea that soy phytoestrogens are site/tissue specific and may not affect the human hormonal system, but there is no consensus yet — eggs however do not pose this potential risk)

• egg whites also contain some trace vitamins and minerals

• egg whites are cheap

• easily incorporated into many recipes

The absolutely awesome thing is that egg whites are completely safe for almost 100% of the population. So even if you don’t know your blood type you can consume a protein supplement made from egg whites with the certainty that you are not harming yourself. This makes egg whites the best protein source as far as blood type – lectin interactions goes.

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Best Protein Supplement

I hope that this has proven that egg whites are the best source of protein for your protein supplement. So take the best protein supplement in order to increase your daily intake of amino acids, build a healthy physique, boost my immune system, increase my sense of well being, add strong well toned lean muscle mass and ease the strain on your digestive system.

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