Health Benefit of Elderberry

Primary benefit of Elderberry is providing support for your immune system, preventing your body from getting colds or flu.

Although not yet one of the most common herbs or supplements, Elderberry extract is gaining popularity among American herbalists and has traditionally been used to ease cold and flu symptoms, sinus problems, fevers, and muscle pain.

Elderberry Benefits for the Flu

In the 1980s, virologist Madeline Mumcuoglu, Ph.D, and Dr. Jean Linderman researched how Elderberry fights the flu. They isolated two active constituents from elderberry. Both of these constituents proved effective in fighting strains of influenza by rendering the viruses unable to replicate.

After conducting a double-blind, clinical trial with patients infected with the influenza virus, the patients given elderberry extract shown significant improvement in overcoming the symptoms of the flu.

In 1993, a team of Israeli scientists studied the effect of Elderberry on flu patients. During a flu epidemic at an Israeli Kibbutz, half of the flu patients were given Elderberry syrup, the other half a placebo. Within two days, 90% of the group treated with Elderberry extract had a complete recovery, whereas, it took 6 days for 91.7% of the control group to recover.

Benefit of Elderberry for the Common Cold

Elderberry extract is also one of the most effective herbs for preventing and treating upper respiratory infections. Laboratory studies have shown that elderberry reduces excessive sinus mucus secretion, and some studies also suggest that elderberry can help lessen swelling of mucous membranes, improve sinus drainage, and decreased nasal congestion in those with bacterial sinusitis.

Elderberry Extract also has the ability to help break fevers as it promotes profuse sweating. These properties help make elderberry valuable as an "after the fact" supplement to speed the healing process.


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