What Is The Benefit of Astragalus Root?

Benefit of Astragalus are many to your immune system. Astragalus has been used as a preventive health tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine since ancient times. Today, Astragalus is used to prevent and build up their natural resistance with people experiencing regular colds and flu.
It is also safe for long-term use and can be taken consistently to restore immune strength once an illness is over.

How does Astragalus boost the immune system and strengthen your resistance to disease?

Astragalus stimulates the "resting" immune system cells by boosting bodies’ production of antibodies, macrophages, T cells, and increasing natural killer cell activity. This tonic herb also increases the activity of infection-fighting white blood cells and boosts the production of interferon, helping to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Another reason Astragalus benefit the immune system is because of its contents. Astragalus is high in selenium , a trace element with documented immune system benefits. The flavonoids, saponins and polysaccharides found in astragalus root also help minimize free radical damage on membranes and support healthy immune system function.

Other Known Astragalus Benefits

This tonic herb increases metabolism and encourages sweating, while promoting healing and providing energy to combat fatigue. Other studies showed that astragalus root helps promote and maintain respiratory health, and offers heart-protecting effects.

Astragalus is an ideal tonic for anyone who wants to help balance and strengthen your immune system . Even though many in ancient times use Astragalus for other reasons, the primary benefit of Astragalus root today is for battling or preventing colds or flu.

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