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From a preventative, as well as curative point of view, the list: is most impressive: digestive system problems; pain from arthritis, lower back, neck, angina, and headaches; stress related problems and depression; high blood pressure and hypertension; excessive cholesterol levels and many heart problems; excess body weight and over-eating problems; asthma and allergy problems; nerve disorders, including multiple sclerosis (MS); both insulin-dependent and insulin-independent diabetes and improper tryptophan balance; the latter may tie to the prevention and cure of AIDS; and lastly, but not the end of the list, is the BIG C (cancer). 

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The body's blood is naturally alkaline and well oxygenated. It's no secret that the body can take care of itself in many ways when it's healthy and balanced. If the body was in-charge of what was put in it, most-likely it would stay that way. Unfortunately for the body, we are in charge of what we eat and drink.

The average American diet is mostly acidic. Along with diet, the level of pollution and toxicity from the environment and the natural process of metabolism causes the body to eventually fail in maintaining its optimum level. Over time, the body's blood becomes acidic and cant function the way it's suppose to. This is when the body becomes susceptible to disease.

Many people, including some doctors, are skeptical of "Miracle cures" and "Wonder drugs" often said to cure many diseases by alternate channels. A common misconception is that alkaline ionize water is among these "Miracle drugs". Water is as natural as the air we breath. By using a water ionizer, you are filtering out impurities. Everyone wants pure water, otherwise there would be no bottled water companies. Ionizers also revitalize and separate acid and alkaline molecules by mild electrolysis. This provides you with high alkaline water. When you drink this water, the alkaline buffers pass into the blood stream to help it maintain the pH level it needs to protect itself from disease. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

Another misconception is that this water will cure any disease. Although ionized alkaline water is amazing, as I said before it is not a "Miracle drug". However, it has been shown in many cases to increase the body's natural ability to fight off disease. One example is that patients with Type 2 diabetes who drank alkaline ionized water, over time found that it became less necessary to take their insulin. Another example is with cancer patients. Alkaline ionized water provides the body with more and smaller oxygen molecules. This provides cancer patients with the molecules needed to help protect the body and fight off cancer cells. It's like sending in more soldiers to win the war. Even though alkaline water may not cure you, your body can use all the help it can get.

A "miracle drug" scam or a natural health boost, it's your health, you decide!

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