Immune System Remedies Author

Because of the increase frequency and intensity of sickness among my family, friends and others, my learning about health has intensified.

Even thought I have never been chronically ill, I have reason to believe that I would have eventually face harsh consequences from my poor health choices. If I would have continued to abuse my body, violate God’s maintenance instructions for my body, I could have expected my body to break down and not operate efficiently. The principle “you reap what you sow” would also apply in this situation.

Knowing that ignorance is no excuse, I decided to be proactive in my journey to optimal health. I was motivated to learn how to prevent illness in the future and also understand some basic health principles so I would be able to help me and others now.

In my quest for optimal health, I learned several things.

1) I discovered many reasons why people get sick, and came to the conclusion most sicknesses can be avoided.

2) Many people are unaware of the dangers of their current habits and they take their health for granted until they get sick.

3) God has provided me with an amazing body and with proper maintenance; I can be filled with energy and freed from sickness and disease.

My ambition

1) Encourage others to be proactive and take charge of their health

2) Present viable alternatives that address treating the cause of the problems and not just the symptoms.

3) As people experience wonderful results, they would spread this valuable information with others.

4) Give hope to those suffering now and the confidence that their investment in health made now will pay off in the future

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