What Are The Shilajit Benefits?

Shilajit benefits are numerous. It comes from the rocky cliffs in the Himalayas. Somewhat of a mystery, it's believed to form as a result of "mineral drip" from the cracks of the rocks during the hot summer months. This mineral drip runs through plant matter that has been trapped in the crevices of the cliff areas, and along with geothermal pressure, a dark red somewhat gummy substance is formed.

There are very few herbs that are classified as a panacea but Shilajit is one of them. It will help carry the other herbal support into the deep tissues of the body. This is why is works so well on diabetes and insulin resistance because it carries the blood sugar into the resistant cells. In the same way it helps to rejuvenate the body and nervous system on a very deep level. It is not a stimulant to make you feel more energy it actually helps to rebuild the nervous system.

For centuries this substance has been used as a broad spectrumsupport compound for strength (nicknamed amongst the ancients as"destroyer of weakness"), kidneys, energy, sex drive, memory,allergies, diabetes, and especially for stress and anxiety. In fact, University studies provide strong evidence that this is the case.

This herb supplement amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bio-availability. It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue and removes deep-seated toxins. This herb improves memory and the ability to handle stress. Shilajit benefits the recovery time in muscle, bone and nerve injuries. It also stimulates the immune system and reduces chronic fatigue.

The reason you want this substance in your survival cabinet isbecause the active constituent of shilajit is a chemical calledfulvic acid. This is why this supplement is one of the most sought after healing compounds in traditional medicine, especially Ayurvedic medicine.

Why is this important? Because in a time of true crisis, the effects of stress will break down immune systems, making you and your family highly vulnerable to a variety of weakened conditions (disease spreads like wildfire during times of fear and panic). If my house were on fire, I would grab my stash of shilajit on the way out.

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