What Are The Cordyceps Sinensis Benefits?

Organic Cordyceps

Cordyceps Sinensis could be the best medicine you will ever take, and it even has no side effects!

Cordyceps, considered a medicinal mushroom in oriental medicines, sometime referred as 'winter worm summer grass' or caterpillar fungus, is used today as a powerful health supplement.

Here is a small sampling of Cordyceps Sinensis Benefits

Strengthens your immune system to help the body resist and withstand attacks from virus and bacteria. Cordyceps increase the number of cells that are responsible for fighting against most viruses and bacteria.

Cordyceps can improve performance and muscle-building capability.
Cordyceps is very popular with endurance athletes of all types. Cyclists, Runners, Mountain Climbers, Swimmers and Triathletes are just some of the athletes who have used it with great success.

In 1993 at the Chinese National Games the Chinese Women's Track and Field team shattered 9 world records. Promotes more restful sleep.

Cordyceps has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces anxiety and nervous stress, thus reducing fatigue and provides a more restful sleep.

Increases energy level. Cordyceps has the ability to increase ATP production in human cells thus increasing your energy level.

Makes other nutrition work better.
Cordyceps helps you fully absorbed the food you eat, making your body make more efficient with the use of nutrients from your food, giving you will have all the necessary building blocks for good health.

Cordyceps benefits the vascular system by improving circulation, helping to regulate blood pressure and strengthening the heart muscle.

As a working lung tonic, Cordyceps is able to strengthen respiratory power in those who need extra energy to perform physical exercise.

Rejuvenates male sex ability.
Cordyceps acts as a very potent male sex hormone, improving sexual function, bringing back youthful sexual function and stamina.

Historically, cordyceps grew wild and was harvested from the mountain ranges in southwest China.

Today, A company called Aloha Medicinals has now developed a revolutionary method of hybridization for mushrooms that has been granted a U.S. patent and they now make the only cultivated Cordyceps that is genetically Bio-Identical to the naturally occurring wild Cordyceps.

In the spring of 2006 Aloha Medicinals after extensive research in Tibet, developed new methods of cultivation, and created the more potent and less costing product that has resulted in a quantum leap in Cordyceps cultivation.

Aloha Medicinals has the Most Potent Cordyceps ever available. Pure Organic American Cordyceps From America's Largest Manufacturer Cordyceps Sinensis from Aloha Medicinals is 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic, 100% American grown on all-American ingredients, made in Health Department licensed and FDA Certified manufacturing facilities, 100% vegetarian, 100% pure with no fillers or other additives. It is also made with Certified Kosher Ingredients, and has no side effects! You Can Buy it Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Cheerfully Refunded!

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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